June 9, 2020

The $3 Taco; how many can you have?

Close your eyes and imagine this… you are at home, and you are preparing dinner for your loved ones. You are making hard shell tacos from Old El Paso’s famous Taco Kit in the kitchen. The smell and promise of perfect Mexican food is wafting through the house.

You have prepared fresh guacamole and iceberg lettuce. You’ve grated Jack cheese and have the tacos heating in the oven. All you need to do now, is serve, sit and enjoy.

Now imagine this... You arrive at GYG and see with excitement, a NEW menu item.

Can we taco-bout it? And by taco-bout it, we mean our $3 Taco, the now famous hard shell taco, lovingly filled with 100% Australian ground beef, iceberg lettuce and Jack cheese. Just like your Old El Paso’s Taco Kit. How many could you have? 1, 2 or 3?

We can’t pass the opportunity to dress our $3 Taco with a generous side of our guacamole (made in house daily) just like you would at home, or adding a dash of sour cream for a rounded finish. Make it a meal with some piping hot fries and a drink, and you have everything you need for lunch or dinner with family and friends.

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