January 26, 2024

Meet Yu Ling, the Shift Leader of WWP

Hello, I am Yu Ling, a Shift Leader from GYG Waterway Point.

In the fast-paced realm of fast-food service, my journey from being a GYG crew member to the esteemed position of a shift leader has been significant and rewarding. At the beginning, I was a bit quiet but as I got more dedicated, worked for longer hours, I started opening up and becoming more confident. I became more proactive--assisting my team members during busy times and handling customers smoothly. I consistently showed a strong work ethic and happily took on more shifts because I genuinely enjoyed my job. My managers then recognised my hard work and promoted me, and I was pleased that my commitment was acknowledged. As I took on extra responsibilities to become a shift leader, my role grew to include managing day-to-day operations and leading a team, which I found fulfilling. Helping my colleagues, solving issues, and creating a positive work environment became natural to me. These experiences shaped me into a leader who can handle the challenges of the fast-food industry.  

My unexpected journey from a team member to a shift leader has taught me a lot, and allowed me to forge many meaningful friendships. My experience has become fundamental aspects of my personal development. Looking back on this journey, I'm reminded that hard work, dedication, and commitment are crucial for success. Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to GYG for granting me this invaluable work experience and the chance to enhance my skills and development. Thank You!

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