August 25, 2023

My Journey to Restaurant Manager - Amrie

Right people, right attitude and right direction

F&B is not as easy as people could have thought. Although, the market is big be it in Singapore, still you will see the daily struggle and routine for a someone to get somewhere in the industry. It was 2022, when i heard GYG are hiring for MITs. Well i have some good experience in F&B so i gave my shot. It turns out that the business is none like others in the industry. Who said healthy and fresh produce could not be a fast paced restaurant? Well to be fair, i thought it is impossible!

Still clear in my head when i report to my RM Ridzuan in Northpoint 20 June 2022. It was a chill session for the day where we talk about the outlet profile and so. He ask me the simple common question the “where do you see yourself in the future”. Well my short term goal is to be RM. That is the beginning of my journey from a MIT to ARM to RM in a period of a year.

My station training is short period and fast track for a month and a half but bear in mind it is not impossible to be fast-tracked if you have patience and passion. Then there is my first day as a shift leader where we broke record for the day which is the highest record at the time since opening of Northpoint GYG!

After 3 months of training, I would say hard work paid off when the Head of Training Department, Daryl came down to do my assessment which i passed! Finally, I am a Assistant Restaurant Manager of Northpoint. I started to take tasks from Ridzuan such as Scheduling and inventory counting and management staggeredly. All went well enough until i am announced to be transferred to Funan GYG.

Here where it gets hard, my mentorship continues with my Area Manager Eddie where he start to groom me to be the next RM. It was not a easy journey to be honest when I was in Funan, officially being an Outlet In charge of Funan after RM Louie left to be transfered to TPC. However, i managed to have Funan passed their TVC on month of February and TSR for the first quarter of 2023. Back to the point when i took over Funan, me and my area manager plan to have something for Funan to increase its sales weekly which was successful thanks to Caterspot weekly orders.

Following month i have been transferred to Northpoint. People would say its easy as i came from Northpoint but its hard when we deep dive and to get to best result. With the KPIs achieved and proved to my Area Manager, assessment was done and i was promoted, officially as RM on June 2023. That is the story of how i became a RM in the period of a year. With the right people on your side, right attitude and the right direction you could achieve anything you wanted and make it possible!

Amrie - RM of Northpoint City

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