August 26, 2023

GYG’s $5 Coronas: The Perfect Sip to Complement Your Bite!

Few things pair as seamlessly with the vibrant and fresh flavors of GYG dishes as a chilled Corona. And now, with GYG’s irresistible $5 Coronas offer, every meal can turn into a fiesta!

A Match Made in Food Heaven

Let’s be honest; a chilled beer has always been the go-to beverage for many when indulging in Mexican cuisine. The refreshing zestiness of a Corona, with its golden hue and effervescent bubbles, is just the right balance to the bold and spicy notes of a burrito, taco, or quesadilla.

And while GYG has always been synonymous with tantalizing dishes that pay homage to traditional Mexican recipes, we believe that the right drink can elevate the entire dining experience. That's where the magic of the $5 Coronas comes in.

More Bang for Your Buck

In the spirit of giving our customers more value, we've rolled out the $5 Coronas promotion. For just five bucks, you can have a chilled Corona served with a slice of lime, enhancing the beer's crispness and refreshing flavor profile. Talk about a deal that you wouldn’t want to miss!

Social Sipping

What makes the Corona special is not just its taste, but the moments it creates. Whether you're on a date, having a catch-up with friends, or simply winding down after a long day, a Corona in hand is the perfect social companion. And when it's priced so affordably, there's all the more reason to clink glasses and say cheers!

Don’t Miss Out!

Our $5 Coronas offer has been the talk of the town and is available for a limited time. So, whether you’re a regular GYG visitor or someone who’s just looking for a fantastic deal, now’s the perfect time to pop in. Pair it with your favorite GYG dish and let the flavors dance on your palate.

In conclusion, at GYG, we're always looking for ways to enhance your dining experience. With our $5 Coronas, we believe we've found just the thing to add that extra zing to your meal. So why wait? Head down to your nearest GYG outlet and bask in the deliciousness of authentic Mexican cuisine, all while sipping on a perfectly priced Corona!

Disclaimer: Drink responsibly. Always ensure you are of legal drinking age in your country before purchasing alcohol. $5 coronas are available at GYG Serene Centre, Star Vista, Mapletree Business Centre, i12 Katong, Northpoint Centre, Tanjong Pagar and Ocean Financial Centre.

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