July 3, 2023

Beginner's Guide to Mexican Foods: Top Dishes To Try

Keen to try your hand on Mexican Food but not sure what to go for? Look no further than our helpful beginner’s guide to Mexican Food! Read on for our top dishes to try at your local Guzman y Gomez store, today!

When it comes to Mexican Food, let's face it, the choices can be overwhelming. From popular Mexican dishes such as a burrito to a burrito bowl, you’d be forgiven for not knowing the difference! However, one thing is for sure. What you can expect in every bite of Mexican food at Guzman y Gomez is the consistency in the quality of every meal. Prepared fresh in store daily, using real whole ingredients, we don’t take any shortcuts at Guzman y Gomez! Before we break the menu down to understand what each Mexican dish entails, let us run through the succulent meat and vegetable choices we have available on offer all day, every day:

  • Grilled chicken: Our fresh-cut chicken thigh and drum fillets are marinated in Guzman y Gomez’s delicious Guerrero marinade then char-grill and cut to order.
  • Grilled steak: Our Australian beef steaks are expertly trimmed before being char-grilled and diced to order.
  • Slow cooked beef: Our blend of Australian beef cuts are slow cooked until being melt-in-your-mouth tender. We then hand-pull and season them with Guerrero marinade to give you a full flavour experience of traditional Mexican food!
  • Pulled pork: Our pan-sear pork shoulder is slow-cooked for hours until it’s so tender, it falls apart. We then hand-pull the pork and season it with our delicious signature marinates, Chipotle (Spicy) or Guerrero (Mild). 
  • Pan seared barramundi: Our hand-cut Barramundi fillets are pan-seared until golden and finished off with a delicious garlic chilli lime Mojo de Ajo sauce. 
  • Sauteed vegetables: Meatless Monday is no issue here! We sautée seasonal Australian vegetables and serve them fresh and hot with a house-made Guacamole.
  • Tofu ranchero: Another meatless classic, our natural bean tofu is stewed with tomatoes, corn, peppers, chillies and spices for extra heat!

Now onto the menu! Say hello to the Burrito Familia.

Burrito and Burrito bowl

Like twins separated at birth, the burrito and burrito bowl are arguably the most popular Mexican food served at Guzman y Gomez. The only difference between these much loved Mexican dishes are that a burrito is prepared in a warm and soft, flour wrap. Whereas its twin is served in a bowl, without the wrap (oh did we also mention that every bowl is served with corn chips to boot?) Either option is beautifully paired with traditional Mexican food ingredients including:

  • Fluffy white or brown rice
  • Succulent meat or veggies of your choice
  • Australian Jack cheese
  • Vegetarian black beans
  • Pico de Gallo (a fresh-chopped salsa)
  • Guzman y Gomez house-blend salsa

But wait, what is a Cali Burrito?

We are so glad you asked! A Cali Burrito means ‘Fries in a Burrito’! Need we say more? Guzman y Gomez have added their flair to this traditional Mexican food dish to ensure you get more out of every bite! Like its cousin the traditional burrito and burrito bowl, you can switch up your choice of Cali Burrito between a wrapped Cali Burrito to one in a bowl! Swap the fluffy white or brown rice for Guzman y Gomez’s famous chipotle seasoned fries for a Mexican dish you won’t forget.

Wait a second. Why does an Enchilada look like a burrito, all dressed up?

We hear you. Did you know that the word ‘Enchilada’ literally means ‘to decorate with chilli’? We love this Mexican dish just as much as its sister, the traditional burrito, because it’s a twist on the classic and oh so traditional Mexican food that has us coming back for seconds. Topped with salsa, crema, guacamole and melted jack cheese to take it to the next level of flavour, we think you will agree when we say, “Yes you Mexi-Can” with this Mexican dish of Gods.

And that fajita looks like a Burrito 2.0?

Think you’ve had your fill of all this talk about a burrito? Hold your horses as we take a quick look at the ‘Burrito 2.0’, aka the fajita. Lets us take your favourite regular burrito or bowl and add freshly sautéed capsicum, mushrooms, onion and corn, plus a drizzle of vinaigrette and crema. Our hero tip to make this Mexican dish your weekly regular order? Add one of our succulent meat or veggies of your choice (you can thank us later).

Did someone say, “It’s Nacho Business”? Don’t forget to get familiar with our signature tacos, nachos, quesadillas and much more! Check out the full Guzman y Gomez menu offering, here to get your fill on these amazing Guzman y Gomez's dishes!

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